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Case study: Transport planning in Warsaw with IDOM

About IDOM 

IDOM is one of the leading companies in the professional services in Engineering, Architecture and Consulting and, at present, is taking the necessary steps to extend that leading position into the international arena. For more than half a century, with more than 2,000 satisfied clients, participation in 30,000 projects on four continents, IDOM has been able to maintain its independence from any economic or vested interests. 

IDOM has distinctive strengths for undertaking multidisciplinary and complex projects, though this does not prevent the company from undertaking small projects. For IDOM, all projects are equally important, as the raison d'être of the Company is the Client and his requirements, regardless of the size of these requirements.

“Best support I ever experienced, you guys have 10 stars”

(Anton Rabizo,IDOM)

How IDOM saved the project with GoodVision’s help

In the right place at the right time. That basically summarizes how and when IDOM discovered GoodVision Video Insights. IDOM needed to cut the costs on the manual counting as well as make the deadline on one of their projects at the same time. 

Manual counting in Poland is getting more and more expensive and not reliable. 

That’s when GoodVision enters the stage. With super fast processing and intuitive UI it immediately grabbed IDOMs attention. Proving the best accuracy in pedestrian counting out of all similar products on the market GoodVision was the definite winner. 

IDOM created a guidebook for designing intermodal hubs. This specific project was about defining the standards and guidelines for transport hubs for public transport in Warsaw to improve its overall attractiveness by increasing the volume of eco-friendly public transport therefore decreasing the amount of pollution. Following with improvement of the comfort of the travelers by reduction of change time between public transport and last but not least Improving the flows of WPT vehicles. As a subproject of the guidebook IDOM has been requested by the Client to test the guidebook on one of the most complex intersections in Warsaw. 

traffic scene description in GoodVision platform

GoodVision as a super flexible platform was incredibly helpful during this traffic project, since there is no limitation within the manipulation of the video. Client can come back and forth, edit the previously set filters and get completely new data sets, in other words recycle the data. ♻️

traffic scene description in GoodVision platform

This fact is also accompanied by one time payment for the video processing in the beginning of the analysis. GoodVision doesn’t charge for additional movements, filters or new reports on the contrary of the manual counting. 

The deadline of the whole sub-project was only 14 days. In this deadline IDOM was supposed to obtain the traffic model calibration parameters in GoodVision Video Insights, enter it to PTV Vissim, and design a solution based on the guidelines they have created to improve the overall public transport situation.  The most important information to obtain from the survey were total volumes of vehicles and pedestrians traveling and changing the stations and the transportation to present the complete image of the current situation.

This unimaginable proposal came true thanks to GoodVision.

And what is next? 

After this remarkable experience IDOM continues using GoodVision on their other projects even without the time pressure and saving costs on the possible penalties. 

"I have to agree, that there was way less stress using GoodVision comparing to other solutions or human counters, and I can assure you that it will be our preferable way of traffic collection in the future", adds Anton Rabizo from IDOM.

Nevertheless recommending Video Insights platform to their colleagues in other IDOM offices around the world, to perform their traffic studies within one unified visual analytics platform such as GoodVision.

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