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Case Study: Drone analytics with Ramboll

Ramboll is the leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945 with strong global presence and employing 15,500 experts. GoodVision proudly collaborates with traffic engineering department in Ramboll Sweden, Finland and Norway, especially Oskar who is one of the engineering leads and Dario the drone pilot.

Ramboll's challenge

Ramboll Sweden conducts traffic studies and micro-simulation for municipalities and government in Sweden to make them more cost and time-efficient. Since manual gathering of data on big intersections is extremely time-consuming and impossible to keep track of people outside providing manual counting on different places, it was a challenge for Ramboll to keep the consistency in the quality of the measurements. To achieve homogeneous quality of traffic data collection, GoodVision Video Insights platform was a clear choice. 

 “It is incredible to think that some months ago we didn't have this.” 

(Dario Cianciarulo, Drone pilot, Ramboll)

A solution from Goodvision

Ramboll team utilizes drones to get the traffic footage which is then processed to obtain crucial information for calibration and validation of traffic models. The need for automated solution for this task was urgent. Turnaround time of data collection and flexibility of the traffic analyzes over data were critical factors that originated the collaboration with GoodVision.

Key advantage of this adoption was GoodVision's super user-friendly work-space for traffic data analytics that allowed Ramboll to precisely define what data was needed. Goodvision provides authentic trajectories of all vehicles and pedestrians allowing Ramboll to perform a thorough analysis of the data. Without knowing anything about the junction, users are working with traffic data in the interactive dashboard that prevents user errors. Since the traffic data is collected from the video, system navigates user how to get the most accurate results.

traffic scene description in GoodVision platform

The idea of Ramboll’s projects was to integrate drones with rapid extraction of deep traffic metrics which seemed impossible before and now became real. Each survey consisted of capturing up to 4 hours of video footage daily and analyzing it the same day. The full-scale outputs that GoodVision provides were used as the input to PTV Vissim simulation software. Besides traditional traffic volume counts, Goodvision automatically provides reports of traffic metrics like vehicle travel times, time-gaps and lists of individual vehicle passages, which Ramboll is interested to utilize in their future work.

65% of time saved

Major time savings on manual analysis and review of the footage were experienced

50% of the costs saved

Major cost savings were achieved thanks to the efficiency of resources relocation

Cut-down of project delivery time

Reducing the delivery time increased productivity and end-client satisfaction

Results and future goals

Since the process is simplified now, Ramboll continues to perform traffic volume counts, measure speed, acceleration, deceleration and exploit more methods to extract calibration data with GoodVision. Ramboll’ s ambition is to share the positive experience in order to establish one unified approach of how to collect the data for their micro-simulation models around all the Ramboll Global companies with GoodVision Video Insights.

“ It's important to say that it is really nice to work with you guys
in comparison to your competitors" 

(Oskar Kryh, Traffic Engineer, Ramboll)

motion heatmap

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